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Soundcraft Notepad 5

Soundcraft Notepad 5



  • £139.00
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The Notepad 5 combines professional-grade analogue components and a built-in USB audio interface to use with your favourite Mac or PC editing software.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter or a podcaster, Notepad mixers offer best-in-class features like renowned Soundcraft mic preamps, so you can bring a level of polish to your creative productions that’s sure to impress.

Product Features

  • Get legendary Soundcraft quality from professional microphone preamps
  • Easily record, edit and playback from your Mac and PC with an integrated USB audio interface
  • Getting a great mix is easy with a familiar channel strip layout
  • Includes EQ, aux send, master level and rotary headphone volume control
  • Durable metal enclosure that's built-to-last
  • hone volume control
  • Durable metal enclosure that’s built-to-last

                                  Manufacturer: Soundcraft

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