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Shure KSM353/ED

Shure KSM353/ED



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Multi-purpose Premier bi-directional ribbon microphone crafted with matched polar pattern symmetry.

The KSM353 is best suited to intimate vocal applications.

Ribbon microphones are renowned for being extremely delicate. The KSM353’s high-tensile strength, toughness and shape memory of Roswellite™ ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons for superior resilience at extreme SPLs and allows the microphone to be more durable.

The KSM313/ED and KSM353/NE microphones are both hand assembled in the USA from state-of-the art transducers, transformers and metals.


  • Bi-directional polar pattern delivers premier, completely symmetrical audio with superior off-axis rejection
  • Revolutionary Roswellite™ proprietary ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons with high tensile strength, toughness and shape memory that provides superior resilience at extreme SPLs
  • Custom ribbon motor assembly tailors bass response without attenuating the overall output for full low and mid ranges, and superior upper range presence from a rising frequency response
  • Double-shielded matched full-sized transformer minimises signal loss and maximises output while reducing magnetic and RF interference from 90 degree placement, offset relative to the ribbon
  • 146 dB SPL across 30 – 15,000 Hz frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients in vocals, acoustic instruments and concert halls
  • Legendary Shure quality and superior construction from hand-assembly of machined steel, silver, gold and aluminium materials, and housed in a pure stainless steel casing
  • Spring-loaded suspension shock mount for flexible, fully-isolated stand mounting
  • Upright protective wood case included for storage when not in use


  • Transducer Type : Ribbon
  • Polar Pattern: Bidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz): -53,5 dBV/Pa / 2,11 mV/Pa
  • Sound Pressure: 146 dB
  • Weight: 633 g

Manufacturer: Shure


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