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Pioneer XPRS 215S Dual 15" Active Subwoofer



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The Pioneer XPRS 215S Dual 15" Active Subwoofer is a compact and portable, yet high powered.

Forget complicated setups and tangled cables as this system offers straightforward, plug-and-play use. Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering technology and the use of Powersoft amps ensures these mobile speakers are reliable and energy-efficient, making them suitable for all music genres and environments.

Enhance your lower frequencies with the quick and powerful bass response of the XPRS215S subwoofer. The sub’s built-in horn shape and dual 15-inch, high-grade ferrite LF drivers deliver rich, powerful low frequencies, while the Crossover and Phase switches allow you to control your DSP settings effortlessly.


  • 2x15" Active Sub Bass Speaker
  • Powersoft's Class D amp modules produce 2400W peak/1200 W cont. output
  • Pioneer Pro Audio's AFAST technology drastically reduces standing waves
  • Adapt to a variety of genres and environments using the rotary selector switch
  • Packed with features to protect drivers, amp and power supply in to Amp module
  • Durable, birch plywood enclosure keeps your PA speaker safe

Manufacturer: Pioneer

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