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Percussion Workshop JBD-10PK

Percussion Workshop JBD-10PK


Percussion Workshop

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The Percussion Workshop JBD-10PK 10 Player African Drum Set is is an ideal starter pack for a djembe class and contains a selection of different sized drums from the Percussion Workshop Jammer series.

They feature hand-painted West African style patterns on their shells, and their shapes have been carefully honed to produce full bass, clear tone, and bright slap sounds.


  • An assortment of different sized African djembe drums
  • Each drum hand-painted with traditional West African designs
  • Enough instruments for 10 players - full contents below
  • Handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced mahogany
  • Natural goatskin head with pre-stretched nylon rope tuning
  • Tough and strong, ideal for the classroom

This Pack Contains:

  • 2x 5" djembes (BDJ525K)
  • 2x 6" djembes (BDJ630K)
  • 3x 7" djembes (BDJ740K)
  • 3x 8" djembes (BDJ850K)

    Manufacturer: Percussion Workshop

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