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Percussion Plus PP793 Wak-a-Tubes

Percussion Plus PP793 Wak-a-Tubes


Percussion Plus

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These Percussion Plus PP793 Wak-a-Tubes Bass Diatonic Set of 7 are brightly coloured versatile tubes that can be played with a beater struck against a hard surface the floor or your shoe.

They can also be played by tapping them against each other a great way to create harmony. These Wak-a-Tubes are built to last and are great for both children and adults to be played both individually or in a group. A lot of fun.

The colours of these Wak-a-Tubes match with the other products in this colour & play range including the Chime Bar set PP935 and Combi Bells PP275 which all follow Chroma Play a colour method in which colour coded notes correspond to specific notes of the music.

This method allows players who cannot read music to play along without difficulty and for the instruments in this range to be played together with ease. The Wak-a-Tune book PP799 provides colour coded sheet music that can be played with this entire range.

The PP793 can accompany the PP790 set of 8 diatonic notes to extend the range lower into 2 octaves.

Also the PP793 can also accompany the PP794 Set of 5 bass chromatic notes to make a fully chromatic set.


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus

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