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Percussion Plus PP754 Beaters Pair

Percussion Plus PP754 Beaters Pair


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP754 Easy Grip Hard Rubber Beaters are made from hard red rubber.

They are hard enough to produce a loud bright tone with long decay, but the rubber has a small amount of give that negates the contact ‘click’ one might expect to hear from a more attacking solid plastic or wood head.

This bounce makes these beaters particularly good for middle-pitched resonant tuned percussion instruments such as metallophones and chime bars.

Each head is mounted on a tapered black plastic shaft with Easy Grip handle. This addition increases control and makes the stick easier for inexperienced or disabled percussionists to hold.


  • Same as PP056 beaters with Easy Grip handle
  • 25mm hard rubber ball-shaped heads
  • For a bright long-lasting tone without clicking attack
  • Particularly suited to chime bars
  • 23cm contoured black plastic shaft with Easy Grip


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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