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Percussion Plus PP074 Mallets Pair

Percussion Plus PP074 Mallets Pair


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP074 Mallets for Timpani Soft are ideal for creating big smooth drumrolls and thunderous orchestral swells.

They can of course be used with other percussion instruments to create interesting effects too. Unlike the other Percussion Plus kettle drum mallets which use a standard cork core, these beaters have a solid felt head at their centre.

This is wrapped in a thick blanket of felt and cotton wool to cushion the impact and make the percussive attack as slow and boomy as possible when playing.

Their lightweight untapered shafts are made from a perfectly balanced varnished wawa wood dowel.

This listing is for a packet of 2 beaters only (1 pair).


  • 40x40mm soft felt-wrapped heads with felt core
  • Produces warm boomy tone with slow attack and long decay
  • Good for rolls, swells, and quiet distant effects
  • Lightweight 32cm varnished wawa shaft


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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