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Nuvo jFlute N220JFPK White With Pink Trim

Nuvo jFlute N220JFPK White With Pink Trim



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The Nuvo jFlute N220JFPK White With Pink Trim has a smooth and resonant tone.

Teachers and students have long been searching for the best way to enable students to learn at a younger age and get over the hurdle of a full-sized instrument. Nuvo’s new 2.0 jFlute now features an inline “donut” head joint, which brings the keywork closer to the body whilst keeping the lip plate and keywork in a line.

Another aid for beginners is Nuvo’s Firstnote lip plate which transforms traditional embouchure into a recorder-style fipple to help beginners who struggle with embouchure to focus on their enthusiasm and learn some fingerings before coming back to the lip technique. Also included are the left-hand key extensions to make the reach easier for smaller musicians.

When the time comes, an upgrade kit consisting of extended foot joint and straight head joint can be purchased in black or white to transform the jFlute into a Student flute.

The jFlute is 100% waterproof so it can be washed frequently and won't get damaged if played outside in the rain!

New features on the 2.0 models are:

  • Donut head joint – using the same technology as a curved head joint but condensed into a small donut shape which keeps the lip plate in a line with the instrument’s body
  • Key caps – Soft-touch silicone key caps more comfortable, free from nickel allergies and add an extra splash of colour
  • Key extensions – improved stability, now even better secured
  • Case – the new sleek design is fastened with two sturdy press studs and a patch of hook and loop fabric to keep your instrument secure and make it quick and easy to get out ready to play in no time while also reduced in size compared to the original to make it more child-friendly
  • Instrument weight: 220g
  • Instrument length: 49cm

Manufacturer: Nuvo

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