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Martin Audio CDD12B-WR 12" Passive Speaker

Martin Audio CDD12B-WR 12" Passive Speaker


Martin Audio

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The CDD12B-WR is a weatherised compact, passive two-way system designed for installations that require high output levels suitable for outdoor applications where it will be subject to changing environmental conditions, but sheltered from direct exposure to the elements. Its high-specification 12” (300mm) LF /1” exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver delivers perfect sound across the audience over medium-throw distances. It features a water and particle resistant grille made from zinc plated mild steel with powder coated finish and is suitable for operating temperatures between -20°C to +70°C and environmentally tested to meet IP54.

The Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology employed in the CDD12-WR delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed X° x Y° coverage patterns — projecting relatively more output to the rear of the audience, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. Its innovative CDD driver achieves ‘point source’ summation of the LF and HF sections — eliminating off-axis variations in frequency response associated with non-coaxial designs. Improving on conventional coaxial designs, which can suffer from high-frequency beaming, the driver features a static waveguide that merges seamlessly with the unique cone shape — maintaining the dispersion pattern out to very high frequencies.

The LF driver has a 2.5” (65mm) voice coil and efficient motor with an aluminium demodulating ring to minimise distortion, while the HF driver utilises a 1.75” (44mm) polyimide diaphragm and features a low-compression phase-plug to reduce non-linearity.

The visually-distinctive composite enclosure can be used in either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation, with rotation of the driver easily accomplished by removing the screw-free, protective grille. The curved shape of the CDD12B-WR allows it to be surface-mounted close to a wall via an optional wall bracket or suspended from a ceiling by eyebolts or a horizontal yoke option. A full suite of weatherised accessories are available and fixings on the loudspeaker are stainless steel.

A full-range, passive two-way system, the CDD12-WR may be used without a controller. However, the EQ and limiter functions of a controller such as the Martin Audio DX0.5, DX1.5 or DX2, or an MA Series amplifier with onboard DSP will maximise its capabilities. When used with a CSX subwoofer, crossover and EQ functions can either be performed by the DX0.5, DX1.5 and DX2 system controllers, or by an MA Series amplifier with onboard DSP option.


  • Compact, CDD™ passive two-way system
  • Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology
  • Elegant UPM Formi composite enclosure
  • Outdoor operation when sheltered from direct exposure to elements
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
  • Environmentally tested to meet IP54
  • User-rotatable coaxial drive unit
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options
  • Screw-free water and particle resistant grille
  • 8Ω nominal impedance
  • Integral inserts for eyebolt suspension
  • Discreet weatherised mounting accessories
  • Finished in Black


  • TYPE:  Compact, high-output, Coaxial Differential Dispersion passive two-way system
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  62Hz-20kHz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 50Hz
  • RATED POWER:  300W AES, 1200W peak
  • Recommended Amplifier:  MA2.0, MA3.0
  • MAXIMUM SPL:  122dB continuous, 128dB peak
  • DISPERSION (-6dB):  110˚-60˚ horizontal, 60˚ vertical (user-rotatable)
  • CROSSOVER:  1.9kHz passive
  • CONNECTORS:  Low profile 20A push-lock, weatherproof input panel cover with cable gland
  • PIN CONNECTIONS:  Left to right: Input+, Input -, Link -, Link+


  • LF: 12” (300mm)/2.5” (63.5mm) voice coil, long excursion, shared ferrite motor system with HF
  • HF: 1” (25mm) exit/1.7” (44mm) voice coil, polyimide dome compression driver

Physical & Dimensions

  • ENCLOSURE:  38 litre, composite material
  • FINISH:  Black or white as standard
  • PROTECTIVE GRILLE:  Zinc plated mild steel with powder coated finish and weatherised backing
  • FITTINGS:  6 x M8 inserts for wall bracket, 10 x M8 fly points
  • DIMENSIONS:  (W) 360mm x (H) 571mm x (D) 350mm   | (W) 14.2ins x (H) 22.5ins x (D) 13.8ins
  • WEIGHT:  19.8kg (43.65lbs)


  • CDDWB10/12B wall bracket black
  • CDDYA12B yoke assembly black

                  Manufacturer: Martin Audio

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