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Fostex TR70 Headphones 80Ohm



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The TR-70 80 Ohm Studio Headphones offer spacious imaging with a deep bass response, where bleed and isolation are not required, but critical monitoring performance is paramount. 

The headphone drivers, housings, and other elements have been newly designed from the ground up, and specially tuned by the expert headphone designers at Fostex for the very best audio performance. 

Each pair of TR series headphones comes with two sets of used dependant ear pads : a set of standard-thickness pads (location) and a set of extra-thick ear pads (studio).  Each pair of TR series headphones also includes two different detachable, locking headphone cables: in  coiled and straight versions.


  • Newly-developed proprietary Fostex 40mm drivers, and specially-tuned housings for accurate sound reproduction and high performance monitoring
  • Three design variations: Open (TR-70), Closed (TR-80) and Semi-open (TR-90), as well as two impedance ratings for each design: an 80ohm version and a 250ohm version
  • Each package contains two types of ear pads (normal & “extra-thick”) and two types of detachable cables (straight and coiled)

Manufacturer: Fostex

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