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Avolites TitanNet Processor

Avolites TitanNet Processor

30-01-1600 - Special Order Item


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The Avolites Titan Network Processor (TNP) enables any Titan console to be expanded to a total of 64 Universes.

Each Titan Network Processor processes up to 16 universes of which 8 are provided as DMX512 on the unit and all 16 universes are available via Art-net over the dual Ethernet port. Each DMX outlet is optically isolated from the system and fully floating.

The TNP has the same processing power  as used in the Sapphire Touch and other Titan consoles . The complete processing unit and local SSD storage is mounted on a shock mounted sub-frame inside the TNP case. The TNP not only offers more universe but also shares the processing load of your show.

Use our simple graphical interface to set up and manage your network. The clear touch sensitive LCD screen which is slanted upwards, provides direct indication of the system status, and allows for fast setup.

The TNP is an integral part of the Titan family of consoles and therefore a dedicated UI is provided on the console to closely manage the connected TNP units on a network. Dual Gigabit Network connections can be transferred to the back of the unit so structured cabling can be routed inside the rack for more reliability.

Equipped with a built-in UPS increasing the resilience of the network against mains failure. The TNP further has a balanced SMPTE input as well as a Midi In, thru and out on the front. Two USB sockets are provided for non-networked file transfer and setup when desired. The TNP is housed in a custom designed plated and powder coated steel 3HE 19” rack mount case with convenient handles.

The TNP is compatible with Titan consoles running Titan OS V7 and above.


  • 16 Universes processed
  • 8 DMX512 outlets optical and galvanic isolation
  • SMPTE balanced input
  • MIDI in, thru and Out
  • Bright 800x600 touch sensitive LCD slated upwards
  • Integral part of the Titan console family with a dedicated UI on the console
  • Build in UPS (5 x 5 minute session without charging)
  • Processing unit is mounted on a shock mounted frame
  • Plated and painted steel enclosure, 3HE x 19” x 368mm deep (from front strip), 58mm protrusion from the front strip



                                                  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, either fitted at the front or back of the unit (fitted to the front ex-works)
                                                  • Two USB2 sockets at the front
                                                  • Intel i5 processor, 2Gb Ram, fast SSD drive for the system
                                                  • 100~240v AC main input range

                                                  Physical & Dimensions

                                                  • Height: 132mm
                                                  • Width: 426mm
                                                  • Depth: 426mm
                                                  • Weight: 14.5kg

                                                    Manufacturer: Avolites 

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