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Audio-Technica ATW-CHG3N

Audio-Technica ATW-CHG3N



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The ATW-CHG3 two-bay charging dock charges NiMH batteries that are installed in the transmitters.

This dock automatically shuts off if alkaline or damaged batteries are detected in the transmitters. Up to five docks can be linked and powered by a single power supply.

The ATW-CHG3N networked version of the charging dock allows users to monitor the charging status of all transmitters in the linked docks. 


  • NiMH batteries are charged in the transmitters
  • Up to five docks can be connected to one power supply to charge up to ten transmitters (one AT8687 per link is required)
  • Dedicated app for monitoring and controlling the ATW-CHG3N and its connected chargers from a computer (please refer to ATW-CHG3N)
  • Power status LED indicator
  • LED status indicators for charging status
  • Automatically turns off when alkaline or damaged batteries are detected


  • Power Supply:  DC12V 3.0A
  • Power Consumption:  4.9W (when 2 transmitters are charging)
  • 27.4W (CHG3×5) (5 units are connected and 10 transmitters are charging)
  • Charging Time:  Approx. 6.5 hours (1,900 mAh rechargeable battery)*
  • Weight:  400 g

Manufacturer: Audio Technica


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