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Zero 88 FLX S24 Lighting Console 2

Zero 88 FLX S24 Lighting Console 2


Zero 88

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The Zero 88 FLX S24 Lighting Console 2 Universe is easy to learn and simple to use - delivering all the features you need at an affordable price. It is flexible, offering a powerful LED and moving light controller in a small 19” unit with direct access to each of the lights in your rig.

Quickly and accurately control colour changing lights using the multi-touch colour & image picker, the encoder wheels or by selecting colours contained within a“mood” using Mood Boards by Lee Filters, and quickly record it straight onto any fader or one of the 48 instant-access colour palettes to recall later. Moving lights can be controlled using the multi-touch pan/tilt grid, the encoder wheels or with automatic effects like “Figure 8”, “Rainbow” and “Fly-In”.

From design to manufacture, the FLX S24 has been developed to work in a wide range of applications, with specific considerations for education, houses of worship, fringe theatre, community venues, corporate events, concerts, rental, fashion, festivals, holiday parks, cruise ships, TV and many more...

Built in tools such as Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes do all the prep work, getting you ready to operate quicker than ever before. Programming time is reduced with a simple three-step programming method for moving lights, colour changing and conventionals - what you want, how you want it, where you want it. And for all those really important features you need over and over again – you always have direct instant access via the dedicated Z button.


  • Control up to 48 LED, moving lights and conventionals
  • 24 multi-function faders
  • 49 playbacks (each with submaster & full cuestack functionality)
  • 48 groups, 4 x 48 palettes (Colour, Beamshape, Position, Effect)
  • 19" rackmountable (6 rack units high)
  • Multi-touch interfaces for Colour and Moving Lights



                  • Hardware - Front Panel
                    • 24 Multifunctional Faders (channels or playbacks, with select or go buttons)
                    • Internal 7” multi-touch screen
                    • Master Playback with Go Button playback and master intensity
                    • 4 embedded encoder wheels with select buttons
                    • Dedicated buttons for key functions
                  • Hardware - Inputs/Outputs
                    • 1 5-pin XLR connector for DMX and RDM
                    • 1 3-pin XLR connector for DMX and RDM
                    • Ethernet (visualisation and Remote Apps)
                    • 2 Universes over Ethernet using Art-Net 4 or sACN
                    • 2 multipurpose USB ports (saving shows, connection of accessories & Wings, software updates)
                    • External power supply
                  • Software - capacity
                    • 48 Fixture Controls (using single or multiple DMX channels)
                    • 49 Playbacks (equivalent of Cue Stacks, Submasters or Chases)
                    • 10,000 cues
                    • 4 x 48 Palettes (Colour, Beamshape, Position, Effect)
                    • 48 groups
                  • Software - features
                    • Integrated colour picker and “Mood Boards by LEE Filters”
                    • Multi touch Pan/Tilt grid
                    • Auto palettes, groups and fixture macros
                    • Gobo previews and library
                    • Move on Dark
                    • Tracking and Non-Tracking modes available
                    • Support for wireless remote control through handheld devices and remote monitors
                  • Electrical
                    • Supply voltage range: 100 - 240V AC; MAX 2A
                    • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
                    • Operating temperature: +5 to +40°C

                  Physical & Dimensions

                  • Height: 68mm
                  • Width: 461mm
                  • Depth: 284mm
                  • Weight: 4kg

                                                              Manufacturer: Zero 88

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