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WesAudio Due Pre

WesAudio Due Pre



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WesAudio's Due Pre is a fully discrete mic/instrument 500 series preamp with carnhill transformers and  two modes of operation.

The Preamp circuit is switchable between two amps: RED and GREEN:

  • RED mode is a British classic style preamp (1073)
  • GREEN is an American vintage style preamp (discrete opamp).

Loaded with two PADs: IN 20dB PAD and OUT 8dB PAD which allows to saturate both preamp and output transformer.

Additionally Due Pre has front input XLR Combo socket which can be used in both ways: as a mic input and as a instrumental input. Instrumental input is a high impedance input of which signal feeds input transformer through FET transistor.

Please note: Module can draw up to 5W of power.


  • High quality Grayhill gain switch
  • 64dB of gain (preamps are matched with 0.5dB accuracy)
  • Canrhill in/out transformers
  • 20dB input PAD
  • 8dB output PAD (allowing saturation of both preamp and transformer)
  • Polarity Reverse switch
  • +48V phantom power
  • Fornt autosense XLR mic
  • Hiz Fet DI front input (the signal passes through the input transformer)
  • LED VU meter

    Manufacturer: WesAudio 

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