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TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor

TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor



  • £245.00
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The Perform-VK expertly combines the studio-grade vocal effects you want and need with convenient stereo keyboard I/O, providing an unparalleled live performance experience for you and your audience.

Thanks to built-in, multi channel USB audio you've also got a full recording interface - right at your fingertips!

What formerly required a skilled producer or a dedicated sound engineer can now be set up in seconds, interact with your keyboard, and offer the professional vocal sound that is key to an unforgettable performance.

Whether you use audio or MIDI from your keyboard, our vocal effects engine captures your chord information and creates up to two voices of real time harmony to accompany you. No musical theory required!

If you like to get more complex vocal output, MIDI note driven harmony is also available with direct control of up to 8 simultaneous harmony voices.

The Perform-VK pairs perfectly with your keyboard or stage piano to give you stand out vocal effects, mixing and USB multi track audio in one small, easy to use unit. When it's time to hit the studio, Perform-VK's 4 in, 8 out USB audio capability gives you all the flexibility you need to create great recordings in no time.

Simultaneously capture dry and wet versions of your vocals, along with harmony voices and your keyboard audio. You can go straight from songwriting to production in much less time.

Add instant clarity with the TONE button. Adaptive EQ, compression, gating and de-ess provide you with professionally polished vocals that ensure you always cut through the mix.

Turn on Anti-feedback and your Perform-VK will be on the prowl for pesky speaker squealing, knocking it out quickly if it does occur. The pitch button provides a helping hand by pushing you to the nearest half-note with subtle pitch-correction.


  • Built-in Adaptive Tone plus sweet harmony, reverb and echo effects let you quickly create pro studio quality vocals
  • Multi track 4-in, 8-out USB audio interface for easy recording
  • Easy HIT function in beamed presets turns on layered effects with a single button press
  • Intelligent mic input gain for quick and painless setup
  • Powerful Anti-Feedback stays on alert for feedback and stops it automatically
  • MIDI connection
  • Stereo Audio I/O for painless integration with your rig


  • Depth (mm): 170
  • Height (mm): 92
  • Width (mm): 167
  • Net weight (kg): 0.48
  • Colour: White

      Manufacturer: TC Helicon

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