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TC-Helicon MP-75 Vocal Microphone

TC-Helicon MP-75 Vocal Microphone



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The MP-75 works its magic with these TC-Helicon Vocal Processors: VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive Play, VoiceLive Play GTX, Play Electric, Play Acoustic, Harmony Singer, Mic Mechanic, VoiceSolo FX150, The VoiceTone Singles and our VoiceTone 2-Switch products.

This is what every singer deserves: a microphone engineered for the sonic realities of modern vocal performance and simple one button control of TC-Helicon vocal effects.

With the MP-75 it features a Super-cardioid dynamic Lismer capsule with a wide responsive range and a high output. A dual material diaphragm with light and rigid sections produces optimal high frequency response. This means you are going to get a uniform vocal performance that cuts through the mix.

The MP-75 has been specially designed to deliver the best off-axis feedback suppression in its class, as well as rejection of pitched sources nearby that can impact Harmony and other pitch-sensitive effects. This means that the mic rejects what you don't need in the signal - focusing solely on the power of your voice.

Unlike voltage-hungry wireless mics, or other types of remote audio gear, you'll never have to worry about, change, or throw away a battery ever again. All this FX capability is achieved with a standard mic cable; the microphone itself is powered simply by the trickle of phantom power sent from your TC-Helicon processor.

Designed to endure a life on the road, the MP-75 has a special heat-treated wire mesh which makes it up to 10 times stronger than the world's most popular mics. If you've ever travelled to sing, you'll be relieved that the included Mic clip comes with both US and EU type threads - without need for a pesky adaptor.


  • Works with majority of TC-Helicon products
  • Ultimate control in your hands with Mic Control
  • Superior off-axis noise rejection augments the power of Vocal FX
  • Excellent pop and breath noise rejection.
  • Super-Cardioid pick-up Pattern optimized for close mic technique.
  • Superior background noise rejection and resistance to feedback.
  • Suspended dual shock mount for low handling noise.
  • Rugged and ergonomic design.
  • Mic Control button for control of TC-Helicon vocal effects.


  • Depth (mm): 50
  • Height (mm): 185
  • Width (mm): 50
  • Net weight (kg): 0.29
  • Colour: Black
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 50 Hz -18kHz
  • Gross weight inc. retail box (kg) : 0.50
  • Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): -54dBV/Pa (1.99mV) 1 Pa = 94 dB SPL
  • Weight (kg): 0.29

Manufacturer: TC Helicon

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