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TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper Pedal

TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper Pedal



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The Ditto Mic Looper is exactly like plugging a mic directly into the PA - you only need to set input gain once, at the mixer. No more trial-and-error to find the optimal balance between input gain on your effects unit and the mixing desk.

It's this simple:- Press Loopto record. Press again to play the loop. Repeat for endless overdubs. Hold to undo/redo latest overdub. Press Stop to pause all loops, press again to resume play - or hold it for a quick, noiseless erase.

The dedicated Stop switch on Ditto Mic Looper means that you can pause your loop exactly when you want, without having to double-tap to stop and fudge your timing - as on single switch units. This means that your LOOP button is totally focused on your looping creation with Record/Play/Overdub functions.


  • Intelligent Mic Input Gain for Quick and Painless Setup.
  • Built In Mic Control, Infinite Overdubs and Loop Storage.
  • Intuitive LED Indicator for Modes; Dedicated Loop Switches.
  • Quiet Mic Preamp with Phantom Power, Balanced XLR Out, Power & USB for Updates.
  • Pure Looping with unlimited overdubs
  • Easy set up with Intelligent Mic Gain
  • Total control with 2 Switches or Mic Control
  • You can use Ditto Looper with other vocal processors like TC-Helicon's Harmony Singer or Mic Mechanic.


  • Depth (mm): 60
  • Height (mm): 140
  • Width (mm): 90
  • Net weight (kg): 0.42
  • Colour: Grey
  • Controls: USB for firmware and control Mic Control using TC-Helicon MP-75 Microphone or Sennheiser e835 FX mic
  • Input Impedance: 2.7 k Ohm balanced
  • Inputs: XLR Female, balanced
  • Output Impedance: 250 Ohms balanced
  • Weight: 0.42
  • Weight (kg): 0.42

    Manufacturer: TC Helicon


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