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Studio Electronics SEM Filter

Studio Electronics SEM Filter


Studio Electronics

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Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular SEM Filter provides simultaneous high pass, low pass, and band pass outputs all with a 12 dB/oct slope.

The notch is the inverse of the bandpass, achieved by summing the low pass and high pass outputs.

This version is a combination of the original SEM filter and the newer design from the OBX, along with improvements by SE.

It has a modest current draw, which it pulls evenly from the plus and minus rails.


  • Three attenuverter and four attenuation pots control: FREQUENCY, RESONANCE, FREQ CV 1, RESO CV, LP HP, INPUT and OUTPUT, delivering smooth, detailed, and complex expression.
  • Switch Between: FULL and HALF strength filter frequency keyboard/voltage tracking, and BP / LP-HP modes.
  • Seven patch points: 1 V/O, FREQ CV 1, FREQ CV 2, RESO CV, INPUT, BP LP-HP, and OUTPUT direct the deepest manipulation.

All Controls and Patch Points:

  • FREQUENCY – Adjusts the frequency, or cut-off of the filter. 
  • RESONANCE – Adjusts the resonance of the filter.
  • FULL HALF TRACK – Switch between full and half keyboard/voltage tracking.
  • FREQ CV 1 – Frequency control voltage 1 input attenuverter.
  • RESO CV – Resonance control voltage input attenuverter.
  • LP HP – Low Pass / High Pass attenuverter.
  • INPUT – Adjusts the audio input.
  • OUTPUT – Adjusts the audio output.
  • 1 V/O – One volt per octave control voltage input. 
  • FREQ CV 1 – Frequency control voltage 1 input. 
  • BP OUT – Band Pass Output. No cable patched, BP passes through the mains.
  • RESO CV – Resonance control voltage input.
  • INPUT – Audio input.
  • BP LP-HP – Switch between Band Pass and Low Pass - High Pass modes.
  • OUTPUT – Audio output.


  • Size - 12hp
  • Depth - 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached 
  • Power Usage - 32mA (+12 / -12)

Manufacturer: Studio Electronics

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