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Studio Electronics Modular SCI FI

Studio Electronics Modular SCI FI


Studio Electronics

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Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular SCI FI  is a collection of essential eurorack modules all in one module which include Ring Mod, Noise, Sample and hold generator.


  • Potentiometer Potential - Six attenuation pots: RING MODLFO FREQWHITEPINKRANGE, and LAG
  • Patch it Up - Seven patch points: RM X INRM Y INGATESOURCERM OUTWHITEPINK, and S & H OUT.
All Controls and Patch Points:
  • RING MOD – Adjusts the ring mod depth. 
  • LFO FREQ – Adjusts the rate of the sample & hold. 
  • WHITE – Adjusts the white noise level.
  • PINK – Adjusts the pink noise level.
  • RANGE – Adjusts the sample & hold depth or intensity.
  • LAG – Adjusts the sample and hold lag or slew limiting (glide): in the circuit after the sample & hold and before the range attenuator.
  • RM X IN – Ring Mod X waveform input.
  • RM Y IN – Ring Mod Y waveform input.
  • GATE – External gate input for sample & hold.
  • SOURCE – External audio/CV input for sample & hold.
  • RM OUT – Ring Mod output. 
  • WHITE – White noise output. 
  • PINK – Pink noise output—the pink noise is normaled to the source input of the sample & hold. 
  • S & H OUT – Sample & hold output.
  • Size - 10hp
  • Depth - 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached 
  • Power Usage - 48mA, 41mA (+12 / -12)

Manufacturer: Studio Electronics

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