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Studio Electronics Quadnic

Studio Electronics Quadnic


Studio Electronics

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The Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular Modstar Quadnic is a deeply featured 12hp eurorack module with four digital oscillators each with a selection of 64 waveforms, 7 different processing modes including phase distortion and wave sequencing, and a dedicated volt per octave input.

Control of all the OSCs parameters globally without sacrificing individual CV control is now a reality: essentially a sensible polyphonic mode with individual CV control. 


  • MASTER mode switched on, the oscillator responds to it's own CV input.
  • Oscillators 2 to 4: If Master LED is not lit, the oscillator responds to CV 1, with the pitch control adding +/-1 octave offset.
  • Oscillator 1 always responds to CV input; the other oscillators follow CV 1 if they are not set to Master.
  • When all 4 oscillator switches/lights are selected, the Quadnic is in unison mode and all oscillators follow CV 1; the front panel control affects all 4 oscillators.
  • To get all oscillators to same pitch, adjust the Pitch and Fine controls.
  • To get all oscillators to play the same sound (they are quite independent), adjust all controls.
  • All 4 OSC lights on, with Master selected or flashing: unison can detune massively up to 4 octaves.
  • All 4 OSC lights on, with master not selected: unison and Chord produce chords.


  • Size - 12hp
  • Depth - 35mm including connectors
  • Power Usage - 50mA max

Manufacturer: Studio Electronics

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