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Studio Electronics Oscillations

Studio Electronics Oscillations


Studio Electronics

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The Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular Oscillations is a high quality VCO Oscillator eurorack module which has a fat/stable VCO/LFO and includes a Sub Oscillator.

  • Three attenuation, and three attenuverter pots control the FREQUENCYTUNEPW CV INPUSLE WIDTHFM CV INand SUB LEVEL, delivering smooth, detailed, and complex expression.
  • NORMAL and LOW RANGE - wide sweeping audio frequencies, or clicks (respectively) for creating a rhythmic pulse or sweep; SINETRISAWSQR - your friendly waveform on and offs.
  • Eleven patch points: 1 V/OFM INWAVE MIXSYNC INPW INSUB OUTSINE OUTTRI OUTSAW OUTRAMP OUTSQR OUT direct the deepest manipulation.
All Controls and Patch Points:
  • FREQUENCY – Oscillator frequency attenuator.
  • NORMAL / LOW RANGE – Oscillator domain switch.
  • TUNE – Oscillator fine-tune trim.
  • PULSE WIDTH – Variable pulse wave width control.
  • SINE – Sine wave on/off.
  • TRI – Triangle wave on/off.
  • SAW – Sawtooth wave on/off.
  • SQR – Square (pulse) wave on/off.
  • FM CV IN – Frequency Modulation control voltage input attenuverter.
  • WAVE MIX – Composite wave output. 
  • SUB LEVEL – Sub (one octave down) level attenuator.
  • 1 V/O – One volt per octave control voltage input. 
  • FM IN – Frequency Modulation control voltage input. 
  • SYNC IN – Oscillator Sync control voltage input. 
  • PW IN – Pulse Width control voltage input.
  • SUB OUT – Sub Oscillator output.
  • SINE OUT – Sine Oscillator output.
  • TRI OUT – Triangle wave output. 
  • SAW OUT– Sawtooth wave output. 
  • RAMP OUT – Ramp (reverse sawtooth) wave output.
  • SQR OUT – Square wave output.
  • Size - 16hp
  • Depth - 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached 
  • Power Usage - 20mA, 39mA (+12 / -12)
Manufacturer: Studio Electronics

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