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Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM


Studio Electronics

  • £1,099.00
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Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM synthesizer has a sturdy steel chassis, 31 pots, 2 rotary switches, 18 toggle switches 15 three way for expanded functionality, AC power triple output desktop adaptor (15, -15 Volt Auto-Switching Supply). 

With its two Oscillators stackable waveforms with Sub OSC, two Envelopes invertible, loopable, with 'drone' and 'master' mode, is accented expressively by hardware XMod and exponential glide, extensive modulation routing, and a flexible software LFO.
The Ring Mod, Noise, Filter Feedback and VCO Levels make vital sonic change intimate, immediate, and indispensable; the adjacent Overdrive switch adds warmth and edge.
Main Features:
  • Two oscillators
  • Oberheim SEM style 12dB varistate Filter (HP/LP notch)
  • CV and Gate inputs 
  • MIDI I/O
  • Discrete circuitry 
  • Hand matched transistors 
  • Height: 2.05" (52.07 mm) at front, 3.625" (92.075 mm) at back
  • Width: 8.7 " (220.98 mm)
  • Depth: 7.05" (179.07 mm)

Manufacturer: Studio Electronics

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