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Soundcraft Ui24R

Soundcraft Ui24R

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The Soundcraft Ui24R is a complete, rack-mountable, digital mixing and multi-track recording system that delivers flexible I/O, pristine sound quality, intuitive wireless control, and roadworthy reliability all in a streamlined design.

The system can double as a stagebox and can be controlled by up to 10 devices via Ethernet or built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, making it possible to control mixing and multi-track recording wirelessly from anywhere in the venue. Renowned Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing ensures pristine sound, while 20 Studer-designed microphone preamps deliver more professional inputs than any other mixer in its class.

The compact, rack-mounted Ui24R is also compatible with the new HARMAN Connected PA system, and offers unprecedented control, versatility and power at an incredible value. From the stage to the studio, Soundcraft Ui24R is the ultimate system for artists, venues and engineers who need to save space and deliver superior sound.

Product Features

  • Renowned Soundcraft quality and performance
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a router to provides a reliable connection to up to 10 mobile devices in mission critical situations
  • Control Ui24R from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux browsers without installing additional apps
  • Record and mix with the warmth of 20 professional-quality Studer-designed preamps
  • dbx compression and iconic Lexicon reverb and delay processing
  • 2 channels of DigiTech guitar amp modeling
  • Dual-path, redundant multi-track recording of all 24 inputs to USB drive and connected Mac/PC
  • 24 simultaneous inputs (10 combo ¼” TRS/XLR, 10 XLR, 2 line level, 2 digital)
  • 4-band parametric EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, de-esser, and noise gate on input channels
  • 31-band graphic EQ, noise gate, compressor, and dbx® AFS2 Automatic Feedback Suppression on all outputs
  • Real-time frequency analyzer (RTA) on inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with Mac/PC DAWs and other music software
  • Compatible with Harman Connected PA application and system for easier setup and control
  • 4U rackmount design

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Response
    • 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.5 dB
  • THD
    • Mic input (Min gain to bus) @ 1kHz <0.005%
    • Mic input (Max gain to bus) @ 1kHz <0.008%
  • Noise
    • Residual Noise -96dBu
    • Mic Input E.I.N.22Hz-22kHz unweighted:-128dB EIN
  • Input Gain
    • Mic/Line Gain: -6dB to +58dB  (Step accuracy depends on size of fader in GUI)
  • Gate
    • Threshold: -inf to +6dB
    • Attack: 1ms to 400ms
    • Release: 5ms to 2000ms
    • Hold: 1ms to 2000ms
    • Depth: -inf to 0dB
  • Compressor
    • Threshold: -90dB +6dB
    • Ratio: 1:1 - 50:1
    • Attack: 1ms - 400ms
    • Release: 10ms - 2000ms
    • Makeup Gain: -24dB - +48dB
  • EQ Channel
    • 4 band parametriq: EQ
    • Each Band Freq: 20Hz to 22kHz
    • Q .05 - 15
    • Gain: -20dB to +20dB
    • HPF : 20Hz to 1kHz (selectable slopes)
    • LPF: 22kHz to 1kHz (selectable slopes)
  • De-esser
    • Threshold: -90dB to 6dB
    • Ratio infinity to 1:1
    • Frequency: 2kHz to 15kHz
  • EQ Outputs
    • 31 band GEQ, 20Hz - 20KHz +-15dB
  • Compressor outputs
    • Threshold: -90dB +6dB
    • Ratio: 1:1 - 50:1
    • Attack: 1ms - 400ms
    • Release: 10ms - 2000ms
    • Makeup Gain: -24dB - +48dB
  • dbx® AFS on all outputs
    • 12 parametric EQ’s (6 fixed, 6 floating)
  • Latency
    • All Processing ON for inputs and outputs 3.2ms
  • Input and Output Levels
    • Mic Input: +19.5dBu max
    • Line input: +19.5dBu max
    • Mix output: +20.5dBu max
    • Headphone outputs: 500mW 1 output used
    • (@120Ω), 380mw both outputs used
  • Input and Output Impedances
    • Mic input: 1-2 4.2kΩ input 3-20 6kΩ
    • Line Input: 12kΩ
    • Hi-Z Input: >600kΩ
    • Balanced Outputs: <150Ω
  • USB
    • Max Current: 500mA
    • Max Current available to all ports: 900mA
  • Power
    • Consumption (typical): < 65W
    • AC input voltage range: 88-265VAC auto sensing
    • AC frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Operating Conditions
    • Temperature range: 5°C - 40°C
    • Humidity: 0%-90%
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C 

Physical & Dimensions

  • Height: 4U High
  • Width: 19"
  • Shipping weight: 31lbs

                                                          Manufacturer: Soundcraft

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