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Soundcraft Si MADI Card

Soundcraft Si MADI Card



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The Soundcraft Si Series Cat5 MADI I/O card can establish a 64-channel MADI input and output to a remote device such as stage rack, another console or Broadcast feed to an OB. Optical inputs and outputs are provided on SC connectors available in multi-mode versions only.

The auxiliary interface can be used as a redundant link. A Cat5 version of the card is also available. A toggle switch allows the card to be switched from 64ch to 56ch mode for compatibility with older MADI devices.

By adding option cards to the Soundcraft Si range of digital consoles, you can interface your desk with a multitude of digital systems. The Si range of consoles features a versatile 128 channel expansion bus offering 64 discrete additional input sources and 64 additional output patches that may be used in parallel to fan-out to multiple destinations. Routing from the cards to the processing channels and from channels or buses to the option card buses is achieved via the ‘Patching’ functionality.

The number of option cards that may be fitted varies by product model, as follows:

Soundcraft® Si Compact 1 card

Soundcraft® Si1 2 cards

Soundcraft® Si1+ 4 cards

Soundcraft® Si2, Si2+ 4 cards

Soundcraft® Si3, Si3+ 4 cards

MPN: A520-005000SP

    Manufacturer: Soundcraft

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