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Percussion Plus PP758 Mallets Pair

Percussion Plus PP758 Mallets Pair


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP758 Easy Grip Medium Wound Mallets are a favourite of professional percussionists when playing marimbas and vibraphones as they produce a clear tone with a relatively soft attack that won’t damage the carefully tuned bars.

This great value pair features a tightly wound woollen head with a medium rubber core which is equally at home with bass or treble heavy mallet instruments. These are good all-rounders and a useful addition to any stick bag.

The shaft of each mallet is made from a beech dowel and includes the Easy Grip handle, a large ultralight tapered foam block. This addition increases control and makes the stick easier for inexperienced or disabled percussionists to hold.

This listing is for a packet of 2 mallets only (1 pair).


  • Same as PP076 beaters with Easy Grip handle
  • 35mm wound wool heads with medium rubber core
  • Produces clear tone with relatively soft attack
  • Good all-rounders well suited to any mallet instrument
  • Lightweight 31cm beech shaft with Easy Grip


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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