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Percussion Plus PP5023 Xylophone

Percussion Plus PP5023 Xylophone


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP5023 Harmony Xylophone Soprano Diatonic has a range of C52 – A73.

Whilst this instrument is a 13 note diatonic set it does also contain 2 x F# and 1 x Bb which enables you to play in the keys of either F or G major expanding the repertoire enormously.

The note bars are produced from padauk and are accurately tuned. They are then mounted onto a solid ply resonator box which provides a good rounded tone.

The build quality is solid and lasts well in general classroom use. The box has a wooden lip on each side which makes it easy to pick up and move.

Beaters are not included, but the PP070 are the recommended choice. This instrument can also be combined with the PP5024 which will then create a fully chromatic instrument



Manufacturer: Percussion Plus

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