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Percussion Plus PP458 Sticks Pair

Percussion Plus PP458 Sticks Pair


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP458 Lead Pan Sticks are perfectly balanced steel pan mallets have been carefully designed to get the best sound from your steel pan and minimise the effect on its tuning.

Their heads are made from a single ring of medium hard rubber, and the smooth hardwood shafts are comfortable to hold for long periods.

The beaters are also just the right length and weight to facilitate maximum agility making them ideal for the more complex melodies played on lead and other treble pans.


  • Shaft Length: 188mm
  • Shaft Material: Oak
  • Shaft Diameter: 12mm
  • Head Material: Rubber
  • Head Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Head Size: 18mm x 13mm
  • Head Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Individual Beater: Weight 19g


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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