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Percussion Plus PP1130 Glockenspiel

Percussion Plus PP1130 Glockenspiel


Percussion Plus

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This Percussion Plus PP1130 Soprano diatonic glockenspiel – 13 bars (C64-A85) is built specifically with primary and secondary music education in mind. The instrument is incredibly well built with solid steel bars mounted on a very durable wooden frame.

The tuning is incredibly accurate too which makes these great for ensemble playing.

The addition of the F# and Bb bars enables this otherwise diatonic, (all the white notes of the piano), glockenspiel to be played not only on the key of C, but also in the keys of G and F.

This instrument can also be combined with the PP1090 to create a fully chromatic (white and black keys of the piano) glockenspiel.

Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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