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Percussion Plus PP1084 Set of 15

Percussion Plus PP1084 Set of 15


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP1084 Hand Chimes Set of 15 has been extremely popular with music services and schools.

They are very easy to play and are accessible to both the experienced and novice musician.

Great care and attention has gone into the build of these chimes, there are accurately tuned and designed to last.

A great instrument to get young musicians focused and working as an ensemble. A simple instrument but very effective, a flick of the wrist will create a long lasting resonant sound.

Combine with the PP2085 to make a fully chromatic set. Further to this the PP2086 extends the set to a full 3 octaves!

Chime Length Weight
C52 42.5cm 347g
D54 38.0cm 314g
E56 35.0cm 289g
F57 33.3cm 277g
F#58 31.7cm 265g
G59 30.2cm 254g
A61 27.2cm 231g
Bb62 25.8cm 219g
B63 24.8cm 213g
C64 23.0cm 200g
D66 21.5cm 187g
E68 21.0cm 184g
F69 20.8cm 182g
F#70 20.5cm 179g
G71 19.2cm 169g


Length and weight may vary a fraction due to tuning and material density.


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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