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Percussion Plus PP089 Xylophone

Percussion Plus PP089 Xylophone


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP089 Classic Red Box Xylophone Tenor Alto Chromatic Half has been designed as an expansion to fill in the accidentals in the scale of the PP088 diatonic instrument.

Its frame is slightly taller than the PP088 allowing the ‘black notes’ to sit above and overhang the ‘white notes’ just like a piano keyboard.

As part of the Classic Red Box range, great care has gone into the build of the instrument. The box features four resonating chambers that, with the accurately tuned note bars, produce beautiful tones.

There are spaces for the F# and Bb note bars supplied with the diatonic half. The beaters are not included but we thoroughly recommend the PP071 pair of medium beaters.



Manufacturer: Percussion Plus

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