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Percussion Plus PP077 Mallets Pair

Percussion Plus PP077 Mallets Pair


Percussion Plus

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The Percussion Plus PP077 Mallets for Vibraphone, Marimba Hard/Soft - Pair have versatile heads that are made from a solid hard plastic core wrapped with tightly-wound soft woollen yarn.

They can therefore produce a huge range of timbres and are particularly useful for playing music with both very quiet and very loud passages.

Wound wool beaters are particularly suited to vibraphones and marimbas as the layer of cushioning brings out these instruments’ characteristic bass resonance and prevents damage to the precious bars while still producing a clear responsive tone.

This listing is for 2 mallets only (1 pair).


  • 40mm soft wound wool heads with very hard plastic core
  • Versatile mallets that can produce a wide range of timbres
  • Ideal for vibraphones and marimbas
  • Well balanced 31.5cm white ash shaft


Manufacturer: Percussion Plus 

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