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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2


Native Instruments

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 is the next level in performance control of the legendary Traktor DJ software, providing super-intuitive control over loop, sync and effect capabilities on two decks, all within an extremely portable design.

The X1 fully integrates with Traktor software, providing plug n play installation with instant auto mapping.

This multi-purpose DJ controller, with its rugged knobs and buttons, will give DJs direct control of the most important DJ functions without having to stretch over to use their turntable or CDJ. Pitch bending, track position and effects control will seem like a breeze with the X1 MK II, letting DJs get on with their creativity.

Touch sensitive browser and loop controls allow for some serious performance possibilities and the RGB (red, green, blue) cue buttons will visually assist DJs to know which cue points they would like to trigger. DJs will also enjoy the 7-segment displays and LED indicators on the multi-use touch strip for visual information.

The compact, lightweight and rugged design of the X1 MK II will prove extremely useful in the sense that DJs will be able to carry this unit around in their bag or backpack without even knowing that it is there.

If four decks are required, then it is as simple as connecting two X1 controllers side by side. Expandability is possible with combining the X1 controller with the Z1 mixer and F1 controller to provide a complete Native Instruments Traktor experience.


  • New multi-purpose touch strip
  • Touch-sensitive browser and loop controls
  • RGB (red, green, blue) cue buttons
  • 7-segment display and LED indicators on multi-purpose touch strip
  • Control two decks and two assignable Traktor effects units
  • Plug n play device with automapping to Traktor software
  • Precise buttons, knobs and touch sensitive encoders
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Control four decks with two X1 controllers connected
  • Combine with Z2 mixer and F1 controller for more control over Traktor

Manufacturer: Native Instruments

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