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Metric Halo LIO-8 Mobile


Metric Halo

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The LIO-8 is the next step in Metric Halo’s modular interface line. Featuring the sonic heritage of the flagship ULN-8, the LIO-8 provides outstanding sonic performance for line-level interfacing, processing and monitoring.

With eight channels of A/D capable of 192kHz operation. The converters are fed by Metric Halo’s third generation analogue front end, with amazingly flat  frequency and phase response as well as extremely low distortion.

The LIO-8 also features balanced sends for each analogue input. This lets you integrate the LIO-8 into an analogue workflow by providing an integrated “split” which can be used to feed a monitoring console, recorder or other device.

There’s a full complement of analogue outputs - eight channels of digitally controlled analogue outputs with full Monitor Controller integration as well as high quality headphone outputs.

Digital interfacing is provided by eight channels of AES I/O in singlewire mode. This gives you all eight channels at 192kHz operation, making the LIO-8 a perfect choice for demanding A/D/A needs.

The front panel provides full control of sample rate, clocking, and input/ output levels. The front panel utilises 495 multicoloured LEDs to provide comprehensive metering and system feedback.

It’s easy to use multiple interfaces together, making the LIO-8 a great choice for building a multichannel  recording system. Three LIO-8’s give you 24 channels of A/D/A conversion and 24 channels of AES I/O. Patch into your digital or analogue console and you’re ready to track.

You can also add a +DSP license, which adds over 100 plug-ins and unleashes the full power of the 2D DSP processor.


  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k A/D converters
  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A converters
  • 2 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A converters with integrated headphone amp
  • 2 analogue outputs on balanced TRS connectors
  • Analogue Balanced Send architecture for onboard split
  • 2 Channels of Exceptional DI inputs suitable for instrument or turntable inputs
  • Integrated Surround Monitor Controller
  • 8 Channels of 192k capable AES Inputs and Outputs
  • Comprehensive Front Panel Controls
  • Comprehensive, High Resolution 15 Segment Front Panel Metering
  • Comprehensive Clocking (Internal, WC, AES)
  • Dedicated internal clock sources for all rates
  • Dedicated MIDI I/O for Control Surface interfacing
  • Dedicated SMPTE LTC I/O
  • Rock-solid, time-tested fifth-generation software and drivers
  • Optional 4 or 8 Channels of ULN-R Preamps
  • Optional +DSP license

Manufacturer: Metric Halo

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