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Le Maitre Stadium Hazer

Le Maitre Stadium Hazer


Le Maitre

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The Le Maitre Stadium Hazer is a new concept in the manufacture and delivery of vast volumes of non-toxic haze.

It is generally accepted that oil haze leaves deposits and water/glycol haze is ineffective and expensive on consumables. 

The Stadium Hazer allows huge amounts of haze to be delivered without the problems of oily deposits, and is cost effective with non-toxic consumables.

The health benefits of the Stadium Hazer cannot be underestimated. Oil based hazers (cracked oil) may have severe health issues and are no longer used indoors by many discerning users. Glycol haze is produced by what is really not more that a Smoke Machine with a fan using a very thin fluid. 

The Stadium Hazer by comparison, uses a sugar solution that has no health issues. It produces an extremely dry, non sticky, haze with pronounced smell. The solution is ALL active ingredient, so our customers are not paying enormous costs for a fluid that is mainly water.

Product Features

  • Twin fully filtered SMPS units
  • 10 stage variable output
  • Remote station combines 512 channel DMX with 0-10v 3 pin XLR and manual control of both output and fan speed
  • Auto clean on start up
  • Typical fluid use of 500cc per hour
  • Twin haze generating circuitry
  • Continuously variable fan output up to 600 cubic metres per hour
  • Haze distribution arm is fully adjustable and lockable
  • Replaceable, cleanable haze generator 'pipes'

Product Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 2000w/230V ac/50Hz
  • Length: 590mm
  • Width: 390mm
  • Height: 300mm
  • Weight: 27kg

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            Manufacturer: Le Maitre

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