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Lavry MP10 Stereo Mic Pre Amp



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The MP10 is a 2-channel Microphone Preamplifier in a compact chassis, with low noise and distortion; making it one of the most transparent preamplifiers on the market. As with all LavryBlack products, the MP10 has a built in power supply that operates from 90 to 264 VAC and line frequencies of 40-63Hz, making it a true international product.

With features like wide range digitally controlled analogue gain circuitry, impedance switch, and balanced or unbalanced outputs, the MP10 offers flexibility and ease of integration into both home and pro studio recording environments.

Precise gain settings from 20 to 75 dB’s give the MP10 enough range to easily accommodate low output Ribbon microphones, or feed unbalanced “-10dBV” inputs using high output condenser microphones without loss of signal quality. The sonic performance rivals or exceeds that of much more expensive units, and is extremely consistent over the entire gain range. Accurate matching of the two channels also makes the MP10 ideal for true stereo recording applications.

An optional LavryBlack Rack Mount is available to mount two LavryBlack units side-by-side in a 19” 1U space.


  • Ultra-low distortion and noise
  • Transformerless input and output
  • Wide Gain range of 20-75 dB in 1 dB steps with numeric digital display
  • High/Low z switch optimises input for Ribbon or Condenser & Dynamic Mic’s
  • Balanced/Unbalanced Output switch
  • Rear panel switch status displayed on front panel during start-up
  • Large detailed LED level meters with 42 dB range
  • Triple regulated Phantom power, selectable per channel


    • Tracking
    • Location Recording
    • Overdubs
    • Broadcast
    • Live/Location Sound
    • Post Production



    • Distortion- Measured at -3dBFS (21dBu) at 1kHz, 10kHz, &20kHz
      • Gain Setting  20: Less than 0.00070%dBFS
      • Gain Setting  40 :Less than 0.00090%dBFS
      • Gain Setting  60 :Less than 0.00800%dBFS
    • Noise- Input referenced noise at Gain Setting 40 with -999dBr input
      • 150 Ohm source: Less than -124dBu (Unweighted)
      • Less than -127dBu (A-Weighted)


    • Inputs: Transformer-free electronically balanced Pin 2 “+” XLR inputs with common hi/lo impedance switch.
    • Phantom Power:
      • +48 volts Phantom power for condenser microphones
      • Can be enabled or disabled for each input channel individually using front panel switch.
    • Outputs:
      • Transformer-free electronically balanced outputs.
      • Rear panel switch for balanced Pin 2 “+” or unbalanced Pin 2 “Hot” operation.
    • Meter:
      • 14 segment LED meter per channel, displays output signals ranging from -42 to 0dB below peak output level
      • Maximum balanced peak output 24dBu
      • Maximum unbalanced peak output is 18dBu


    • Voltage 90-264 VAC, Frequency 47-63Hz, Current 0.1A
    • Please Note: The MP10 automatically adjusts to AC power inputs in the range of 90 to 264 Volts AC and line frequencies between 47 and 63 Hertz. There are no settings to change.


    • Dimensions: 8”w x 1.75”h x 10.75” d (including front panel switches and rear panel connectors)
    • Weight: Less than 5lbs, 6 lbs shipping weight
    • An optional Rack Mount Kit is available which can be used to mount any combination* of two LavryBlack units in a 1U 19” rack space. Please note that this kit cannot be used to rack mount a single LavryBlack unit

    Manufacturer: Lavry

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