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Lavry MICPRE 4496



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This Module is a 2-Channel microphone preamplifier module for the LavryBlue 4496 System. Installation of the MicPre module into the LavryBlue chassis is a simple operation which can be done by the user with common tools.

Each 4496 Chassis can hold up to 2 of these modules - for a maximum of 4 channels of micpre.  Each MicPre module takes up 2 of the 4 total module slots available in the chassis.

Other modules available for the 4496 chassis:

  • LavryBlue M-Sync
  • LavryBlue M-AD 824 (2 channel ADC)
  • LavryBlue M-DA 824 (2 channel DAC)


  • 2 channels of professional micpre
  • Impedance matching for Condenser, Dynamic, and Ribbon mic’s
  • Super-low noise and distortion over a wide input and gain range
  • Transformerless electronically balanced inputs and outputs provide sonic transparency with excellent channel matching
  • Gain adjustment for each channel in 1dB steps 21-70dB
  • Phantom power setting


  • Tracking
  • Location Recording
  • Overdubs
  • Mastering
  • Broadcast
  • Live/Location Sound
  • Post Production


  • Distortion- Measured at 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, &20kHz:
    • Gain setting  40- 0.001%
    • Gain setting  60- 0.005%
  • Noise- Input referenced noise at gain settings from 40 to 70dB:
    • Input shorted -128dB
    • 150 Ohm source -126dB
  • Gain-
    • Individual stepped analogue control with 21 to 70 dB’s gain in 1dB steps for each channel.
    • Pad- Front panel switch controls both channels for 10dB lower output level.
  • Inputs-
    • Two channels of electronically balanced XLR inputs wired for Pin 2 “+” (non-inverting), Pin 3 “-” (inverting).
    • Input impedance matching for Ribbon, Dynamic, and Condenser microphones. Front panel switch controls both channels.  Absolute Maximum input +3V.
  • Outputs-
    • Two channels electronically balanced XLR outputs +4dBu nominal level. +24dBu Maximum Output Level. Wired for Pin 2 “+” (non-inverting), Pin 3 “-” (inverting) operation.
    • Can be configured for unbalanced operation using internal jumpers.
  • Phantom Power:
    • +48V- Available on the input XLR connectors, only in the “Condenser” settings
    • Dual regulation provides exceptional inter-channel isolation.

Manufacturer: Lavry

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