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Lavry M-AD 824 4496 Converter



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The M-AD 824 is a 2-Channel ADC module for the LavryBlue 4496 System.  This item should only be purchased if you already own a LavryBlue 4496 chassis with at least 1 available slot and with 1 factory installed M-Sync module. Installation of the M-AD 824 module into the LavryBlue chassis is a simple operation which can be done by the user with common tools.

Each 4496 Chassis can hold up to 4 of these modules - for a maximum of 8 channels.

Other modules available for the 4496 chassis:

    • LavryBlue M-Sync
      Note: One M-Sync module is required in any chassis which includes any M-AD 824 modules.
    • LavryBlue M-DA 824 (2 channel DAC)
    • LavryBlue MicPre Module (2 channel Microphone Preamplifier)


    • 2 channels of sonically transparent 24 bit Lavry A-to-D conversion
    • Option to output digital audio 24 bit, 16 bit, or 16 bit plus dither and αcoustic βit Correction™ noise shaping
    • Accurate LED metering with optional Peak Hold
    • Reference Meter mode for precise calibration
    • Analogue and Digital Saturation modes allow hotter recording levels


    • Tracking
    • Location Recording
    • Mixing
    • Overdubs
    • Mastering
    • Broadcast
    • Live/Location Sound
    • Post Production


    • Dynamic Range (22Hz – 22KHz unweighted):
      • -114dBFS  +/- 1dBFS
    • THD+N (1KHz unweighted), Internal clock or NARROW lock, typical and worst case:
      • -1dBFS                  -98dBFS typical.                 -96dBFS worst case.
      • -3dBFS                  -102dBFS typical,              -98dBFS worst case.
      • -10dBFS                -109dBFS typical,              -107dBFS worst case.
      • -20dBFS                -112dBFS typical,              -110dBFS worst case.
    • Common mode rejection:
      • Greater then 100dBFS for AC power line frequencies (measured by applying 24dBu 100Hz common mode input signal, with no internal gain)
    • Analogue input levels (balanced or unbalanced source):
      • 24dBu peak level with no internal gain (front panel pots counter clockwise)
      • 13dBu peak level with maximum internal gain (front panel pots clockwise)
    • Analogue input Gain:
      • 11dB’s available internal gain. Gain increases when turning Front Panel pots clockwise.
    • Analogue inputs:
      • Female XLR Electronically balanced +4dBu nominal level, Input impedance 5k Ohms,
        configured for XLR Pin 2 “+” factory default (user selectable by internal DIP switch).
    • Digital Output:
      • Male XLR AES Digital interface- transformer coupled, SPDIF compatible with appropriate adapters.
    • Output Word length:
      • 24, 20 or 16 bits selectable from the front panel.
    • Bar Graph display:
      • 21 lamps indication (colour coded) for each channel, including MAX lamp (for digital overload), 0 to –10dBFS in 1 dB increments, -12 to –20dBFS in 2dB increments, followed by –25,  -30, -40 and –50dBFS to indicate low level activity.
    • Reference Meter Mode:
      • Enables selection of reference points (indication lamps) on the bar graph display, to –10, -12, -14, -16,  -18 or –20dBFS levels. The magnified input signal is indicated in reference to the selected reference level in 0.2 dB steps.
    • Dither:
      • Enables distortion and noise floor modulation free truncation to 20 or 16 bits word length.
    • Acoustic Bit Correction™ (αβC™):
      • Dither plus psychoacoustic enhancement of the converter dynamic range for truncation to 20 or 16 bits.
      • αβC-1 provides a gentler enhancement curve. αβC-2 provides an aggressive enhancement curve.
        Note: αβC-1 and αβC-2 may be replaced by less aggressive curves using the internal DIP switch.


    Manufacturer: Lavry

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