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Laserworld RTI Cocoon Climate Housing

RTI COCOON - Special Order Item


  • £5,999.00
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The RTI Cocoon Climate Housing is a special protective housing with integrated air conditioning and is designed for use with different laser systems. It is equipped with a climate control system, that is able to cool as well as heat the laser system. Thus it ensures a stable operating temperature.

The system consists of two components (as conventional air conditioning units): the actual climate housing and an external condenser/compressor unit. The housing is sealed dust- and waterproof according to IP65, the external condenser and compressor unit is rated IP54. Both parts are connected with a 3m coolant hose. On request, it is also possible to place the condenser unit further from the housing.

With a power consumption of 1,150W and a cooling power of 12,000BTU, the Cocoon is able to pump 3,590W of heat. Operating temperatures range from -15°C to +50°C.

The RTI Cocoon climate housing must be mounted on a support system (metal plate, concrete base, or similar).


  • Regulates operating temperatures
  • Able to cool your fixture in warm weather
  • Able to heat your laser in cold environments
  • Makes lasers more reliable in tough conditions
  • Power consumption at 1,150W and a cooling power of 12,000BTU
  • Operating temperature ranges from -15°C to +50°C


              • Height: 120cm
              • Width: 105cm
              • Depth: 58cm
              • Weight: 30kg
                              Manufacturer: Laserworld

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