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Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX Laser

Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX Laser



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The Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX is a RGB text and pattern projection laser that does not need any software or additional controller for operation.

It comes with a special keyboard and an infrared remote control.
With the keyboard it is possible to control the whole show laser light system.


  • A text and pattern projection laser
  • No software or additional controller is required to use the laser
  • Comes with a keyboard and infared remote to control the laser
  • Easy to use, easy to control
  • Equipped with a strong green laser source, which means that projections are very visible
  • The scanning systems allows for simple text projections



              Total Power typical: 490mW
              Guaranteed power: 400mW
              Power Red: 180mW/650nm
              Power Green: 80mW/532nm
              Power Blue: 160mW/445nm
              Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm/1.5mrad
              Laser Sources: DPSS, Diode
              Laser Class: 3B
              Operation Modes: Stand alone mode, Music mode, Text mode, Clock mode, DMX
              Scanner: ca. 15kpps@4°, graphics capable
              Scan Angle max.: Grating ca. 90°, projection ca. 20°
              Basic Patterns: ca. 50
              Accessories: Keyboard, USB extension cable, infrared remote control, Interlock adapter, keys, external power supply 12V
              Power Supply: 100 - 250V AC
              Power Consumption: 10W
              Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 85mm
              Weight: 1.64kg

              Physical & Dimensions

              Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 85mm
              Weight: 1.64kg
                                          Manufacturer: Laserworld

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