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Keith McMillen QuNeo

Keith McMillen QuNeo


Keith McMillen Instruments

  • £219.00
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The QuNeo marks a breakthrough in pad controller design and adaptability, allowing you to create and perform when you want, how you want.

With the Smart Fabric sensor layer under each pad, QuNeo can interpret even the most subtle shift in velocity, pressure, and finger position.

KMI have spilt drinks on it, dropped it onto cement from two stories up, and even ran it over with our truck.

With no moving parts, the QuNeo is unbreakable.


  • 16 pads with velocity, pressure, and location (X/Y) sensitivity
  • 8 pressure-sensitive touch sliders
  • 1 long pressure-sensitive multi-touch slider
  • 2 pressure-sensitive rotary encoders
  • 17 pressure-sensitive buttons
  • 251 programmable LED's
  • 16 levels of brightness


  • Dimensions: 241mm x 185mm x 9mm 
  • Weight: 396g 
  • Connections: Micro-USB
  • Power Source: USB bus power
  • Power Consumption: ~400mA max draw @ 5V
  • Included Accessories: Micro-USB cable (1m, USB 2.0)
  • Data Transmitted: Class-compliant MIDI over USB MIDI over 5-pin DIN (via KMI Expander)

System Requirements:

  • (Mac) (Software Editor) Mac OS 10.5 or later Intel Core 2 Duo processor or greater 50MB free hard disk space 
  • (Windows) (Software Editor) Windows 7 or greater Intel Core 2 Duo processor or greater 50MB free hard disk space

Manufacturer: Keith McMillen Instruments

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