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IsoAcoustics Argosy Spire i-Stand 420i

IsoAcoustics Argosy Spire i-Stand 420i



  • £250.00
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This IsoAcoustics Argosy Spire i-Stand 420i is made with 5/4" powder-coated substrate to provide a safe, sturdy, and resilient solution to isolate your studio monitors. Featuring bevelled edges and a stunning look to enhance the feel of your studio.

The IsoAcoustics technology isolators are designed to keep all movement on-axis... to move in the direction of the speakers cones' travel, while resisting movement in other directions. Place your monitors on 420i and you will notice a definite tightening of the low end and improved stereo imaging of your existing speakers.

The Argosy Spire i-stands are available in two different heights, the 420i at 42 inches high and the 360i at 36 inches high and both are also available in doublewide versions (Xi) for mounting larger monitors. 


  • Powder Coated MDF
  • With patented IsoAcoustics technology
  • Height 42”
  • Capacity 34kg
  • Made with 5/4" powder-coated substrate
  • Priced as singles

Manufacturer: IsoAcoustics