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Equinox 30 Inch Mirror Ball

Equinox 30 Inch Mirror Ball



  • £420.00
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This Equinox 30 Inch glass facet mirror ball is ideal for a variety of installations in nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

We recommend that you purchase the heavy duty pro mirror ball motor as doing so will ensure that it is properly supported.  


  • 75cm (40 inch) glass mirror ball
  • Stable inner core
  • 10 x 10mm glass facets
  • Extra safety eye
  • Solid plastic core
  • Offers a massive spread of light reflections
  • Perfect for large events
  • Gives classic mirror ball effect
  • Optional Extra: Mirror Ball Motor 


                            • Diameter: 75cm (30")
                            • Height: 79.0
                            • Width: 78.0
                            • Depth: 78.0
                            • Weight: 19.2kg

                                                                                                                              Manufacturer: Equinox

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