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Digital Audio Labs CSDUO


Digital Audio Labs

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The Livemix CS-DUO is two personal mixers in one. With two mixes per unit, you can reduce your overall per node cost without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Extremely simple to use and lightning fast to setup. The innovative MirrorMix™ function allows you to use your own personal mixer to listen to and adjust the mix of any other personal mixer in the system. Even though it is designed to be simple to operate, Digital Audio Labs did not skimp on the features, like built-in ambient mics, effects on every channel and even a metronome.


  • 2 discrete personal mixers in one durable box. Less clutter on stage, lower cost per mix, & a fantastic sounding (not to mention loud) headphone amplifier make the CS-DUO the best value in its class.
  • Colour Touchscreen allows for custom channel naming and "at-a-glance" mix overviews.
  • 24 Channels with sweepable EQ & Dynamics/Compression for total control. High Pass Filter helps clean up the unnecessary low frequencies for instruments & voices.
  • MirrorMix® is remote mixing. This allows a more experienced user to help another person by seeing, hearing & adjusting someone else's mix from any personal mixer, whether from the stage, front of house (FOH) or a studio control room. Also, "share" a favourite mix or settings with any user.
  • Dedicated "Me" knob, always available, for personal volume adjustments is quick for live use. This can have one channel assigned or it can be made into a group (i.e. Vocal + Acoustic Guitar).
  • Built-in Ambient Mics help "open up" a mix & bring in the stage or room.
  • Intercom uses the built-in mics for easy communication with those on the stage, at front of house (FOH), in the control room or in the studio. No more yelling across the room!
  • Auxiliary Input allows users to plug in a media player, laptop, or other device and hear locally, or share it with the whole team.
  • Master Out has EQ, Dynamics, High Pass Filter & Reverb, to tie a mix all together. Plus, there are options for output to powered floor wedges.
  • 24 Personal Mixes save to the personal mixer or a USB flash drive. This includes basic volume, stereo panning, custom groups & master output settings.
  • 24 Global Templates save channel naming, channel presets with EQ/Dynamics/High Pass Filter & system configuration settings. This is great for having multiple bands, services, campuses or studio sessions. Save internally or to USB flash drive.


  • A Livemix personal monitor system needs an input unit, a distributor unit and at least one CS-DUO unit.
  • Livemix supports analogue based input systems with the AD-24. For a Dante digital network input. use the LM-DANTE-EXP option card in the MIX-16 or MIX-32. The MIX-16/32 distributes power and audio to the CS-DUO personal mixers. The MIX-16 supports 8 CS-DUOs, for a total of 16 personal mixes. The MIX-32 provides up to 32 personal mixes (16 CS-DUOs) for larger installations.
  • Add the DA-816 rack unit for easy connection to wireless monitors. The DA-816 provides stereo balanced outputs for 8 Livemix personal mixes. Flexible mix assignment and test tone capabilities make setup a breeze.


  • The MT-1 is a dual position mount for top or pole positioning (connects CS-DUO with thumbscrews).
  • The FP-2 foot pedal allows a performer to have hands-free control of key CS-DUO functions (connects using a standard 1/4" TRS cable).
  • The CS-DUO connects to the MIX-16/32 with standard CAT5 or CAT6 cables. The AD-24 and DA-816 require a shielded cable to connect to the MIX-16/32.

Manufacturer: Digital Audio Labs

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