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Digital Audio Labs AD24


Digital Audio Labs

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The AD-24 Analogue Input Rack Box is the unit that will take your analogue signals and convert them to digital for use in the Livemix system.

It is a single rack space box that will most likely live somewhere near the analogue source. If this is your mixer’s Direct Outs or Inserts, then the AD-24 will be near the mixer. If you use a snake with mic preamps, it might be near the snake. The AD-24 can take your input signal via TRS or DB-25.

The inputs are pass through so you can patch your analogue signal out of the AD-24 if required. The simple front panel interface allows selection of -10 dBV or +4 dBu line level in stereo pairs and indicates input signal levels by LED. 


  • 24 balanced/unbalanced inputs
  • ¼” TRS & DB25 audio connections
  • Front panel +4dBu/-10dBV switches
  • Front panel VU metering
  • High quality conversion
  • External power supply

Manufacturer: Digital Audio Labs

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