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Core ColourPoint2 RGBW X2 Set

Core ColourPoint2 RGBW X2 Set


Core Lighting

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The Core ColourPoint2 RGBW X2 Set battery powered LED lighting ColourPoint Wireless LED Uplighter is sleek enough for upscale indoor use and IP65 rated for outdoor use under all weather conditions.

This ColourPoint Wireless LED Uplighter can be used to instantly transform any function, from small parties to large corporate events, weddings, entertainment venues, and even for stage lighting.

CORE Lighting’s battery powered wireless uplighters are known for their style, rugged outdoor IP rating and their 2,000 lumen 60W quad chip RGBW output. Perfect to use as spotlights for events.

The bright output can light the tops of medium sized trees and up to 5 storey buildings, smoothly wash walls, provide temporary lighting to architectural details and beautifully light the insides of tents and rooms. ColourPoint is available in a six unit charging case to allow for fast and easy transport of the products, along with convenient recharging between uses.

All ColourPoint battery-powered wireless uplighters come equipped with Wireless Solution industry leading wireless DMX built in and can either operate in master/slave mode with one unit designated as a Transmitter and the others as Receivers. Alternatively, all units can be designated as Receivers and can be broadcast to via a Wireless Solution Transceiver. All units can also operate independently and run their own internal stand alone routines.

Lower cost lightweight lithium battery powered Mk2 LED event uplight with Wireless DMX Control, rated for outdoor use (IP65). Very bright 2000 lumen output will light up medium sized trees, 4-5 storey architectural uplighting and powerful wall-washing in marquees & buildings.

The units connect wirelessly with WirelessDMX to other CORE fixtures to avoid the need for complex lighting desks on-site. Or they can also be linked up to a W-DMX enabled lighting desk for more complex schemes, or simply run as stand-alone units with built-in colours.


  • 2 x ColourPoint 2 RGBW Uplighters
  • 2 x Silver Case Shrouds
  • Very fast setup and get-out for events
  • Outdoor rated IP65 for bad weather
  • Will light 4-5 storeys using 4 x high brightness LED quad chips including White
  • No mains or data connection wires for a safer environment
  • Charge from mains supply in a flight case
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

                            Manufacturer: Core Lighting

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