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Beyerdynamic AD 808 UHF Antenna Combiner

Beyerdynamic AD 808 UHF Antenna Combiner



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The active AD 808 antenna combiner (4 inputs / 1 output) combines the antenna signals of a maximum of 4 CT 316 UHF transmitters.

In simultaneous interpreting applications it is therefore possible to combine a maximum of 3 radio frequency signals of target languages in addition to the original language and to transmit them over a single antenna (optional).

The Radio frequency performance is improved and intermodulation is suppressed due to the optimised combiner input filters. The AD 808 is operated in the UHF frequency range between 600 and 900 MHz.

Product Features

  • 600 - 900 MHz wideband
  • The signals of a maximum of four transmitters can be combined and transmitted via one antenna
  • Input Signal Indicator Threshold when input signal > +6 dBm
  • Maximum radio frequency input power +20 dBm efficiency (100 mW)
  • Ideal intermodulation characteristic (full band performance + 15 dBm two-tone test,3rd order IM < -57 dBc)
  • A maximum of twelve UHF transmitters can be cascaded
                                                                  Manufacturer: Beyerdynamic

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