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Behringer X-MADI

Behringer X-MADI



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The Behringer X-MADI is a 32-Channel MADI Expansion Card for X32.

With the X32's expansion slot provides flexible and expandable connectivity for many different applications.

This expansion card can easily be installed in place of the X-USB card that is included with the X32 which brings even more I/O options to the X32 by instantly enabling it for MADI networking.

The MADI or AES10 protocol is quickly becoming an industry standard in many broadcast applications.


    • 32-channel, bi-directional audio interface via MADI (AES10). Optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) to connect with fibre optic MADI devices
    • Multimode fibre optic cable length of up to 2 km supported. Dual BNC terminals for transmission via standard 75-Ohm coaxial cable of up to 100 m length
    • BNC connectivity can be used as a redundancy network with fibre optic installations
    • Console allows selecting a block of 32 out of up to 64 MADI channels
    • Both MADI formats 56-channel (AES10-1991) and 64-channel (AES10-2003) supported


    • Depth (mm): 135
    • Height (mm): 30
    • Width (mm): 165
    • Net weight (kg): 0.18
    • Weight (kg): 0.14

    Manufacturer: Behringer

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