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Behringer Ultra DI Box DI400P

Behringer Ultra DI Box DI400P



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The Ultra DI DI400P is a passive DI (Direct Injection) box for connecting a guitar, bass or keyboard directly to your mixer.

With its parallel ¼ " In and Out jacks, the DI400P allows you to plug in your instrument and send the same signal to your onstage amplifier, while the XLR Output sends a balanced signal to your mixer.

You can even plug your guitar, bass or keyboard amp's speaker output into the DI400P, which can handle ratings of up to 3,000 Watts and still deliver a perfect signal. The superior ground-lift switch eliminates hum associated with ground loops and our high-performance OT-2 transformer provides the ultimate in signal integrity.

The secret to the DI400P's ruler-flat frequency response is its Behringer OT-2 balanced-line transformer. Praised by audio engineers the world over, the OT-2 provides superior signal isolation from local AC and RF hum, and the ultimate in impedance matching. The resulting output signal is entirely true to the original source in all its pristine glory.


  • Connect your guitar or bass directly to your mixer
  • Converts any unbalanced line-level signal to balanced mic-level output
  • Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to amplifiers and mixers
  • Allows the use of long cables without losing high frequencies
  • Ground lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems such as hum


  • Depth (mm): 60
  • Height (mm): 35
  • Width (mm): 120
  • Net weight (kg): 0.34
  • Inputs: Unbalanced 6.35mm Jack
  • Outputs: Balanced XLR
  • Weight (kg): 0.192

Manufacturer: Behringer

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