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Appsys Multiverter MVR-64



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Introducing the brand new multiverter MVR-64, the swiss-army-knife for all your digital audio needs.

This unique piece of hardware is able to convert 64 x 64 audio channels between an impressive selection of digital formats - any to any, all at once.

Multi-format digital audio bridge & converter

  • 64 in, 64 out digital audio format converter and splitter
  • Split and convert between different audio formats in a simple and concise 1U rack box.
  • With support for ADAT, MADI, AES50, Dante/AES67 and more.
  • Intuitive user interface and routing matrix
  • Headphone output for individual channel monitoring
  • Store and Recall up to 12 presets

Supported Audio Interfaces

  • ADAT (8x), SPDIF optical*
  • MADI optical
  • MADI coaxial
  • AES50
  • Dante/AES67
  • and many more via breakout boxes (currently planned: AES3, AVB)

Clocking Options

  • Supports 32, 44.1, 48... up to 192* kHz operation
  • Wordclock input and output (BNC)
  • Clock master can be any incoming audio signal, or BNC, or a high-quality internal clock
  • MADI 96k Frame and S/MUX operation supported

    Remote Control Interfaces

    • MIDI*
    • MIDI over MADI*
    • USB
    • RS485 (Yamaha Headamp Remote compatible)*
    • AES50 Aux Data Channel (Behringer S16 compatible)*
    • Network socket*


    • Preset store/recall (12 different setups)
    • Headphone amplifier to monitor any incoming signal
    • Test tone generator simplifies troubleshooting of complex setups
    • Triple-redundant power supply (2x 90-240VAC, 1x 9-18VDC)
    • Can be powered alone from industry standard 4-pin XLR plug battery packs

    * Some features will not be available from the release date. Appsys will however be providing firmware updates on a regular basis. 


    Dimensions 482x45x230mm (BxHxD)
    Weight 2.25 kg
    Operating temperature 0..+70°C, non-condensing
    Storage temperature -40..+85°C, non-condensing
    Power consumption 8W typ., 30W max.
    Each AC input: 85..264VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.75A@115VAC / 0.5A@230VAC
    DC input: 9-18VDC (up to 30V tolerant), 2.5A peak
    Channel count Up to 64 per interface in x1 modes
    Up to 32 per interface in x2 modes
    Up to 16 per interface in x4 modes
    Multiple conversions (i.e. DanteMADI and ADATAES50) with each using the full channel count can run simultaneously.
    Sample rates 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 64 / 88.2 / 96 / 128 / 176.4 / 192 kHz +/-100ppm
    Varispeed operation is not supported
    Latency The table below shows the overall latency (receive+convert+transmit) between the various interfaces in number of samples.
    For x1 modes (32/44.1/48kHz), n is 1.
    For x2 modes (64/88.2/96kHz), n is 2.
    For x4 modes (128/176.4/192kHz), n is 4.
    The Dante latency d depends on the setting in the Dante controller which should be chosen according to the network topology, and can range from 150µs to 5ms.
    ADAT 3*n 3*n 3*n 3*n 4*n 3*n+d 3*n
    MO 3*n 3*n 3*n 3*n 4*n 3*n+d 3*n
    MC 3*n 3*n 3*n 3*n 4*n 3*n+d 3*n
    MT 3*n 3*n 3*n 3*n 4*n 3*n+d 3*n
    AE 4*n 4*n 4*n 4*n 5*n 4*n+d 4*n
    DA 3*n+d 3*n+d 3*n+d 3*n+d 4*n+d - 3*n+d
    ADAT ports 8 input+8 output ports,
    PC port USB 2.0 (FTDI 2232). Remote control and firmware update, no audio connection
    RS485 port Male D-Sub 9pin, Yamaha AD8HR compatible
    Pinout: 2=RX-, 3=TX-, 4=TX+, 5=GND, 6=RX+
    Extension port HDMI connector type (not HDMI compatible). 64ch@32/44.1/48kHz, 32ch@64/88.2/96kHz, 16ch@128/176.4/192kHz
    MADI optical port SC connector, 50/125 µm or 62.5/125 µm multi-mode fibre (MM fibre), 1300nm, up to 2km total length.
    Transceiver can be changed to Single mode (9/125µm) at the factory on request.
    MADI BNC port Standard AES10 coaxial port. Use with up to 100meters of 75 ohm coaxial cable 64ch@32/44.1/48kHz, 32ch@64/88.2/96kHz, 16ch@128/176.4/192kHz
    MADI TP port AES-X 213 (upcoming MADI specification) compatible.
    64ch@32/44.1kHz, 56ch@48kHz, 32ch@64/88.2, 28ch@96kHz, 16ch@128/176.4kHz, 14ch@192kHz
    Pinout: MADI-TP on 4/5, 7/8
    Alternative use: Second AES50 port, Pinout: Data on 4/5, 7/8; Sync on 1/2, 3/6 (adapter cable required)
    AES50 port AES50 3.1 compatible
    48ch@44.1/48kHz, 24ch@88.2/96kHz Pinout: Data on 1/2, 3/6; Sync on 4/5, 7/8
    Alternative use: Second MADI-TP with Pinout: 1/2, 3/6 (adapter cable required)
    Wordclock port Output: 5.0Vpp nominal, able to drive two parallel 75 Ohm terminations
    Input: 2.0Vpp...5.0Vpp
    Dante/AES67 port 2x Gigabit Ethernet, configurable either as Switch or as Redundant connection in the Dante controller.
    Device prefix: MVR64
    64ch@32/44.1/48kHz, 32ch@64/88.2/96kHz, 16ch@128/176.4/192kHz
    MIDI port Standard isolated input, standard MIDI output
    Headphones 2x125mW into 32Ohm (@0.01% THD+N)
    Bandwidth: 22Hz to 22kHz
    ESD protection all ports: +/- 15kV (Human Body Model)


    Manufacturer: Appsys

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