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Analogue Solutions Polygene

Analogue Solutions Polygene


Analogue Solutions

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Analogue Solutions Polygene is a eurorack polyphonic MIDI to CV converter.

The 4 voice output that can be used to play your CV synths / modules as a 4 voice polysynth.


  • Control 4 CV synths as one 4 voice Polysynth
  • Or, play them all at once in Unison
  • 16 note arpeggiator that doubles as a 16 note digital sequencer
  • 4 pitch CVs, 4 gates
  • Velocity, Mod Wheel, Controller 55, and 56 CV outputs
  • Accent, Global Gate, Clock In and Clock Out digital IOs
  • MIDI Out transmits Arpeggiator as MIDI notes.
  • 2 Multiples
  • Hold, Mode, Range, Note Retrig


  • Rack width: 32HP
  • Depth: **120mm** Deep module!
  • Power: +/-12V
  • Doepfer style power cable included.
  • Screws not included.

Manufacturer: Analogue Solutions

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